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Vision and Ethos

The Anglican Church in Richmond is part of the world wide Anglican Communion. 

 As a community we are inspired by Jesus and his vision of abundant life. The heart of the Christian message is that Christ reveals the nature of God as perfect love and liberates us to share that love with others. As one previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, said, "God is Christlike, in whom there is no unChristlikeness at all".  Through the Spirit, in prayer and in community, we are drawn into the life of the Christlike God and given the grace to live with peace and joy in ways that we could not within our own strength and resources. 

Our Team

Nick White
Spiritual Director
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Briar Goessi
Director of Music

Nick commenced at St Stephen's in 2023. He has worked in parish and social justice agency roles and works as a spiritual director / spiritual companion committed to the contemplative tradition. Prior to ordination, Nick worked in social policy and community development in government. He is a Ph.D. in social anthropology.

Briar had an international career as a professional violinist for many decades working with orchestras including Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, State Orchestra of Victoria, Royal Opera House Covent Garden and London Symphony Orchestra. Her interest in the organ began as a student when she held a post as a church organist while studying violin and chamber music at the  Conservatoire Royale de Bruxelles in Belgium. 

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Michael Wood
Community Chaplain

Michael is an Anglican Priest who has worked in Parish and University Chaplaincy. He also works part time as a professional leadership coach and facilitator. Michael's book, "Practicing Peace: Theology, Contemplation, and Action" was published in 2022. 

Our Staff


In 1850 when Bishop Perry, the first bishop of the new diocese of Melbourne laid the foundation stone of St Stephens on 20 June, Richmond was on the edge of Melbourne’s urban settlement. The site was described as “far out of town, and no human habitation could be seen except a few comfortable home nooks…and some brickmakers toiling in the distance…a pleasant suburban break in the surrounding forest.” There was no mention of Aboriginal people though their settlements were scattered along the Yarra valley. We have made a small symbolic rectification on this point in a ground-stone near the entrance, and commit ourselves to moving beyond symbolism and working towards deep listening to the voice and stories of the first people's of this land.











The acre of land had been donated by the Rev Joseph Docker (a generous squatter from the Wangaratta area) who had purchased at auction the land between the top of Richmond hill and the Yarra River. The Parish extended to Brighton, Camberwell and Doncaster. The only remnants of the original modest church are the roof and floor of the main body of the building, though within 25 years large additions had been added. However, the early days of the parish was not just about a building but also about building and strengthening the wider community of Richmond. And this close connection with local people has continued over the 170 years of the Parish.

To read a longer history of St Stephen's Anglican Church, click HERE.

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